I cooked a potato IN my pellet stove!

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Feeling the Heat
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Nov 11, 2007
albert county, new brunswick
Things are getting slow around here so I guess this is as good a time as any to mention that I cooked a potato in my pellet stove last week.Yeah,I wrapped it up in tinfoil and set it in there way off to the side where it wouldn't bother anything. One lonely sad potato. Anyways,I had the stove on the lowest setting (gotta start somewhere) and after 1 1/2 hours,I used some tongs to snatch it out of there,removed the foil and there was one hot potato.It could've used a little more baking but not bad for the lowest heat level. Now I wonder if I can fit a pie in there?...........hmmmmm!!!
I will stick to pellets myself ;-)

What stove do you have? Not that I would even try, but the only
place for a potato in my stove is in the ash pan..lol
Taters are great wrapped in foil and thrown in the stove. :cheese:
Us old, former Boy Scouts have already bin thar, done that!

Any former rubber workers here? Lots of meals been cooked when curing tires.

Imagination!!!! If you ain't got it, you ain't blessed. How do you think the pellet thing got started!!!

How about a pizza??

Now THAT would be cool lol....Brick(pellet)oven Pizza lol
They used to throw potatoe peelings in wood stoves to help clean the flu out years ago (or maybe some still do this)!
jawquin said:
Taters are great wrapped in foil and thrown in the stove. :cheese:

"What's taters?" Who can name the movie?
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