I got a "new" saw (project saw)...

WES999 Posted By WES999, Sep 12, 2010 at 10:35 PM

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  1. WES999

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    I picked this up from CL a few months ago for a few bucks. It was listed "parts saw". The guy said he lent it to his buddy and now it don't run. I was hoping it would be something simple like a carb problem, but when I pulled on the starter rope I knew the piston was shot, no compression.

    When I removed the cylinder it was clear why their was no compression, piston was very scored.
    I did the muratic acid cleanup to the cylinder and was able to restore it to good condition.

    A new OEM piston and ring kit was only $14 from Baileys. It also needed a few parts for the chain break. I also replaced the bar and chain.
    I tried running it last month, it would start OK but bog and stall when cutting. Yesterday I replaced the fuel line and filter and that cured the problem. :) I ran about half a tank of gas through it cutting up some odd ball wood, seemed to work well.
    Another one saved from the scrap heap. And another to add to the collection.

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  2. ANeat

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    Nice work, a worthy saw to save for sure.

    Looks like the result of someone putting straight gas in it..
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