I had to laugh at myself


Feeling the Heat
Jan 6, 2015
Northern Michigan
It just hit me that I’m excited to run a burn with a stove fully packed with big splits for the first time since November. Temps have been stuck in the 20-30 degree range forever. Expecting 3 degrees tonight. I’ve been careful not to overdo it for so long, not wanting to wake up sweating at 3 am.

For anyone considering getting a stove, be careful. Things like this will happen to you.

PA. Woodsman

Minister of Fire
Feb 26, 2007
Emmaus, Pennsylvania
I lit a fire last night and got "excited" hearing the crackling as the kindling took off so I am in the same mindset as you are lol!

This weather is weird but also very unhealthy, every other person here in PA. is either sick, getting sick or was sick including me! The mold and bacteria is overwhelming, no cold weather to try to keep it down.