I need a small, slow burning wood stove. Jotul F35?

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May 26, 2024
Hello everyone. I have a Cumberland Gap and we figure it has a crack somewhere. I cannot shut it down low like before. Stove tech says he can’t fix it. I live in Texas, and well, people around here aren’t exactly stove experts or fixers.

Heres my issue. I have a 1100 square foot hunting cabin. Well insulated. I live in North Texas. Most of the winter it’s highs in the 50’s or low 60’s and lows in the 40’s most nights. For a month it’ll be lows in the 30’s. And we will get a few cold snaps where it won’t get above freezing for a few days. But that’s normally less than 10 days a year. And sometimes it has some snow and ice.

I mainly want to use my stove for ambiance and some warmth. But I don’t need to heat my whole house. It’s nice if I can if needed. But I mainly just want to keep the living room comfortable for me and my cat. Not too hot. My old Cumberland Gap would normally get way too hot and it make it 90 degrees in the living room and I’d have to open windows and put in box fans. Defeats the purpose of everything at that point.

I need stove recommendations please. Is the Jotul F35 going to be burning too hot, even on the lowest setting? I mainly just want to use it to heat the loving room.

All information is greatly appreciated. Thank you y’all in advance.
The F35 would work out. If you want a low fire, just burn less wood. Use 3-4 small splits to get the fire going and then just add 2-3 as needed.
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I like my Enerco H100 / 'Cleveland Iron Works Ontario'. It might be a smidgen larger than the F35, and it also seems it is a bit more efficient (still not efficient enough for the US tax credit).
I realize not everybody might be comfortable buying a $900 stove from Home Depot, but I really have nothing bad to say about this stove. I have been using it about every second day since I got it four months ago. Delivery was great, the stove (about same weight as the Jotul, I believe) is just about wiggable/wiggleable (not a word, according to this text editor, but neither is Jotul...) in place for a single person, even more so with the fire bricks removed, and once I learned to feed it only dry wood (it's my first modern EPA certified wood stove) , it burns like a champ. I hardly ever fill the whole firebox with logs, so I believe it works fine for lower output.
I need a small, slow burning wood stove. Jotul F35?