Identify my Fisher ?

pelam123 Posted By pelam123, Feb 23, 2013 at 11:51 AM

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    Feb 18, 2013
    Coaly. where their imitation stoves made with the fisher name. My stove has a mountain pattern on the door and fisher on the right side only. No gasket around the door. I will go look at the hinges later and look to see how the door seal os made. What I have not read about is that this stove has a flew on the top and a heat vent out the back with a weighted damper. Is this stove a grandma.
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    The only mountain scene I know of is the XL shown below. It has a sun on the left, so I dubbed it the "sun door". They are the first model with arched top "catherdral" doors.
    How many bricks across the back ? This will give me the size of Grandma, Grandpa or XL.
    Flat top doors, or arched top?
    No solid doors use gaskets, need pictures.

    If you do a search on this forum (Search Forums button at the top left) with the word "barometric" you will see some barometric stoves that you are describing with rear inlet, and top outlet. So far, barometric stoves have Fir trees on the doors, not a mountain scene.
    Here's pics of the barometric box if yours has one inside as well.

    XL 2.jpg XL

    Barometric air box in Grandma 2.JPG Barometric air box in Grandma

    Barometric air box in Grandma looking down top vent.JPG Barometric box looking down into top vent

    Grandma Bear w baro damper 2.JPG Grandma with barometric damper installed

    Grandma barometric damper back.jpg Grandma barometric damper back

    dsp_img_0001.jpg Grandma III has Fir trees, no mountain scene.

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