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lobsta1 Posted By lobsta1, Sep 15, 2010 at 5:28 AM

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    This was all bucked up in May for the 2014/15 season. (For reference the roof line on the shed is 9' high. The shed is 18' long & 8' wide.) The wood on the ground at the front was split & stacked right after this pic was taken. Most of the rest was silver maple from three huge trees my neighbor had taken down. These were three healthy trees. All of it was stacked on pallets off the ground. We had the third hottest & driest summer on record. Last week I started splitting & stacking it. I expected the spalting on the maple but was amazed at the borers that were under the bark. There were also rounds that over half of the round were riddled with borers. I was also absolutely amazed at how much punkiness had set in on the rounds that were lower down in the pile.
    Just commenting.

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    I'm not liking Silver Maple as much as I did when I started burning; just able to get enough wood.

    I also notice the powder post beetles in it. Truth is I pass on it unless it drops very close to the wood pile. My neighbor burns also and is't working as much as he'd like, so he's been getting the Silver Maple.

    I wonder if a quick spraying with $.20 of Borax and water would help keep the vermin down. Works wonders with ants and termites.


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