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Burning Hunk
Nov 10, 2018
Tilbury, ON
Just purchased a new drolet legend (3.4 cubic foot box) a couple days ago, got it fired yesterday...wow, what a dream! If you're not loving your current wood stove (not big enough/old epa/ect) , just call it, don't waste time stressing, do your research and get that new stove :)

Life's too short to have chitty stoves!
Glad you are enjoying the new stove. Love your pic with pup.

Thank you! Just changed it now. This is my 1 year old Irish Wolfhound and I :) Previous was my greyhound girl, now in heaven.
No thats a russian bear dog. Throw out a biscuit and that dog will rush in and bear down on it lol. Glad ur happy with stove and awesome dog as well.
Thank you! Just changed it now. This is my 1 year old Irish Wolfhound and I :) Previous was my greyhound girl, now in heaven.
Love Irish Wolf Hounds. My Shep is now in heaven as well. Waiting for spring to expand the family once again.
I'm so glad you're happy. Hope this year works out a lot better for you.
You need a picture of that big old doggo in front of the new stove!

He hates it! lol He's still growing and naturally warm all the time, plus he's got lots of fur. And there's really not a whole lot of room in there for him, it's an addition sunroom (triple pane windows/insullated though) , pretty much the only spot we could put it in.
I'm so glad you're happy. Hope this year works out a lot better for you.

Thank you so much. The regency was done. It didn't work right from day one, I learned my lesson on buying used for something like that. Even if it was just the door that was warped, it was still too small for our house. That and the fact that we do have an oil furnace in the basement, went to start it this year, and long story short, the repair guy so far has $1500 of labour in it, and it's still not fixed...three different issues going on now. I just got so fed up. Not using oil next year. Our basement is very well insulated, we'll watch temps and monitor the pipes, even if we have to put an oil filled electric heater down there, and just have it on during the night (electric is cheaper at night), it will still be cheaper than dealing with our oil furnace. Anyways, so the one day last week I started researching other stoves, and I really liked the baltic, but then I went on the Rona (hardware store) website, and they had a "Spend $450 or more and save 20% before noon" deal, so at 10:30 am we got in the truck, and the rest is history! :)
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Happy for you, I remember last year you really struggled with lots of questions and issues with your Regency. Like a new car or new house, the new stove will have few problems, give you lots of mileage and lots of pleasure. At least you now have a good wood supply from last year.

Now can you kindly burn your stove so that the draft from it shifts the cold air from Ontario so it stays a bit more north ==c
You literally went through trial by fire last year. I think this year will be a completely opposite experience. Sorry you are having so many hassles with the oil furnace. $1500 and still not working is ridiculous. You could buy a new furnace for that cost.
Hope the stove works better this year. Sorry to hear about your girl. My grandmother had Irish wolfhounds, They were always gentle giants.
I have a Drolet Austral which I believe is basically the same stove as yours and I love mine too. So easy to operate it almost runs itself.
Only thing im not crazy about is the by pass damper will open if you hit it with as piece of wood loading but otherwise it was a great investment.