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Robbie Posted By Robbie, Mar 23, 2007 at 6:41 PM

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  1. Robbie

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    Jul 5, 2006
    East Tennessee- Great Smoky Mountains.
    We all have wood burners, coal or pellet stoves I guess, good for us.

    However, I have recently been thinking about my older kerosene heaters I have sealed and stored from years ago. They were perfect heaters and saved my family from getting cold in a mobile home for over 12 years or so.

    My point ? I think considering the way things are in the world with "seemingly" erratic weather/storms etc.....(not counting economy and ongoing war)...................maybe we should have a plan B to heat our homes.

    I thought I would at least mention what I am doing. I just bought an quality "electric" portable heater on ebay as a backup if we keep our power on...............

    But the real workhorse I bought on ebay was an "1982 model Corona"...(22,600 BTU).. NIB kerosene heater that looks just exactly like the one we have stored and used for many years with absolutly no problems of any kind.

    I do have a woodstove, and lots of wood for now. But what if something happened to it for some reason or the wood supply ?

    This is plan b, and if you got an extra kerosene heater you could simply store it and never use it unless you just had to.

    I have three kerosene heaters now, and plan to buy new quality wicks and lighter or anything else I need from a person I just found on the internet who seems to be an expert in the kerosene heater area.........and since we have talked by email he has enlightened me on many other kerosene heater related topics such as proper wicks, size etc.

    If you get a chance, visit his web site, you will be very impressed I think. Not only does this man seem to be an expert on the kero world, his web site is a wealth of info. for just about anything you need concerning kerosene........he has answered every email I have sent him within a short time and gave complete detailed info. on my heater questions.

    To sum all this up, this is just another way I plan to try to help my family and grandkids just in case things get bad weather wise or for other reasons.


    P.S. I told Miles I was a member of, he said he was a wood stove man also ! ;-)

    I noticed he also put a link for this forum on his web page. ;-)
  2. Kilted

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    Feb 12, 2007
    California, Siliy-con Valley
    Well how about kerosene LIGHT and HEAT?

    They put out 2500 btu and no hiss.

    Also got your favorite hardware store and pick up some Klean-Strip Klean-Heat odorless heater fuel for indor use. Other wise use K1 kerosine.

    Do not forget about ventalation when using kerosene heaters indoors.

    -- Brandy
  3. keyman512us

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    Feb 27, 2007
    North Worc. CTY MA
    Good topic Gentlemen...However...

    For those of us who reside in "The Peoples' Republic of Massachusetts"...we have a better chance of seeing god, winning the lottery, or being scooped up by aliens... "Portable Un-vented kerosene heaters are Illegal in the Comonwealth of Massachusetts"..they can not even be sold in this state.

    They have been illegal for "use in dwellings" since 1982.

    "Salamander" style kerosene heaters are sold/permitted to be used for "construction activities" only.

    Not to say people in this state don't own and use them... however I would not want to have to deal with an insurance company...or the local fire dept. And I sure would not want to deal with the State Fire Marshalls' office!

    Not being "A Cheerleader" or putting anyone down...but if you reside within MA borders...It would not be a wise idea to buy or operate one.

    As far as fire safety goes...I think Massachusetts has the most stringent "fire codes" in the nation. Take a look on your oil burner..chances are it has the MA state fire marshalls sticker of approval on it.

    One thing I'm surprised at though...LEGALLY...if you buy a "five gallon gas can" from WalMART (the cheapo red non-vented kind)... take it to a gas station and fill it just broke the law!

    Just goes to show can have all the laws on the books you want...if they are selectively enforced...they might as well not be there at all!
  4. fire and ice

    fire and ice
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    Mar 23, 2007
    I did the same thing with my portable kero, for the same reason don't want my eggs all in one basket and be sitting in the dark with out heat.
  5. precaud

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    Jan 20, 2006
    Sunny New Mexico
    I think this is yet another good reason to cut and gather one or two years supply ahead of what you're using. That gives you plenty of 'time buffer' to deal with the unlikely and unforseen that you postulate.
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