In Search of Boiler Piping Schematics


Jan 5, 2017
Folks, still thinking about upgrading my current old New Yorker boiler with oil backup. Looking to go with a wood gasifier but having trouble coming up with a piping schematic that has a backup boiler, pressurized storage, indirect DHW tank, and using zone valves instead of circ pumps for every zone.

If anyone knows of a good proven design please share. Trying to keep it as simple as possible as well, i will be doing this all myself as there wont be any installers in my are in Canada that will have a clue about this type of heating system. I am a seasoned instrumentation controls guy so not afraid to take this on and pretty comfortable with all aspects of this sort of install but nothing trumps a good design to begin with.

My current piping layout as per the New Yorker WF100 manual....not ideal i know but its what i have right now.




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Oct 5, 2011
Plumbing design is not my thing but I got what I wanted from my fourth draft.

Off the top of my head the gasifier boiler and storage will probably be on some type of local loop, boiler and storage per the boiler manufacturer with low return water temp protection.

From there and where you connect to the loads, there most likely will be some type of primary loop (boiler water temp). From there everything else would be secondary loops tapped to the primary loop with closely spaced tees. Both boilers and the load distribution piping, each tap separately from the primary loop as secondaries using closely spaced tees.

The DHW, may have a separate shorter circuit to the boiler or come off the primary loop as a secondary with closely spaced tees.. Some ideas as it sounds like you are going to draw it yourself.

Tekmar has some great piping and control scenarios with good literature. I'm sure if you post a drawing the guys will look at it.

If you want a good proven design, save yourself the trouble and just get a Froling.


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Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
For what tis worth, you should have return water temperature protection on any new wood boiler design to keep it from operating below dewpoint.

New York paid John Siegenthaler to run biomass heating courses. You can get an on line version here

He does monthly articles for PME magazine and frequently covers integrating biomass boilers into heating systems. They are free you just need to search for them. He is regarded by many as the guru for hydronic heating.