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    I am considering a purchase of a gas fireplace. I have visited several stores but there is one problem that is bothering me. At several of the stores, I felt that the gas was in the air - I didn't smell gas but it seemed to bother my breathing - some tightness in the chest and one store gave me a headache. I thought that these appliances were not supposed to let any emissions into the air. These are all vented since non-vented models are not permitted here. Are there small amounts of gas let inside with a gas fireplace or stove? I would hate to install one, only to find out that I can't use it because there are small amounts of the gas in the air. Is there any way to detect even minute amounts of gas inside?


    They probably had some chimney or vent problems. For instance:
    1. They may have had open windows or doors near a flue outlet, thereby allowing a small amount of the exhaust back into the store.
    2. They may have small gas leak in their piping
    3. They may have a chimney downdraft in a "B-Vent" stove, in which case you'd smell the pilot.

    A direct-Vent Appliance will installed correctly should have no gas smell associated with it. A combustible gas detector (installers have one) or even a good CO detector with a digital readout should let you know something.
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