Induction Fan Repair?

JP11 Posted By JP11, Nov 25, 2012 at 6:39 AM

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    May 15, 2011
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    I can't blame my boiler. All my fault.

    I was cleaning the vigas, and decided to have a look at my smoke pipe. Just to see how it's running. I've had a couple of dirty burns, mostly from my own stupidity, so I wanted to check things out.

    The easiest access I had was to remove the plate that held my inducer fan from the smoke pipe. I took it off.. and cleaned some ash out of the pipe.. it was worth checking.

    Problem is... I DROPPED the dang fan.. and it smacked on the concrete floor.

    When I reassembled the fan.. and went to start a burn.. when I turned the draft fan on.. boop! out goes the control panel. I found the small fuse I blew. Replaced that.. and found that there was a short in the induction fan. There is continuity in the fan with the hot and neutral lead. I pulled the casing off the electric motor itself... and can't SEE any damage.

    So.. my plan is to now make a plate to cover where the fan will come off.. and bring it to a electric motor repair shop a couple towns over. Unless there is something little I'm not seeing.


    FYI.. vigas has plenty of draft and runs fine. The way I've been starting fires.. the fan just helps a bit with the first loading to keep the smoke down. I probably could go without the thing if I just planned to never open the door during a burn at all. Start it and walk away.

    But what fun is that? :)


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