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    I am trying to find information on ceramic glass doors for my see thru fireplace- temp of heat can withstand ? I seem to have problem with doors blowing up. cost of glass? different types ? Neoceram? Robax ? can you help or lead me in the right direction


    The Ceramic glass (pyroceram- neoceram) is good to 1400 Degrees and is a totally different products that Pyrex or other fireplace glass that's good till 500 degrees. Most Fireplace doors are not available with this 1400 degree glass. Some manufacturers that will custom make doors with ceramic glass. If you want to replace the glass in existing doors with ceramic- contact a local stove shop or glass shop--they should be able to provide the ceramic glass cut to any size.
    More information at http://www.robaxglass.com

    Also, go to the HearthNet products page below and check out the links to Wilkening Fireplace and Country Flame. Both make glass doors with ceramic glass.

    Link: Robax Glass Site
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