Information on a Earth Stove wp50 Pellet stove.

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Dec 5, 2008
Northern Illinois
I am contemplating on purchasing a used Earth Stove model wp50 pellet burner. I am looking for any information on this stove. Good or Bad. Do they still make parts for them. Can I burn a 50/50 mixture with corn? All information aboout this stove is greaty apprieciated. Any one have them manual that they could send my way?

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John, I beleive that Earth Stove is one of the now defuct Lennox owned brands (like whitfield). As far as I know no parts have been made for that machine for some time. The last machine that was still supported by them was the T300P, that was being sold as the Whitfield Traditions stove a few years back. I'm not sure how similar the machines are. Thats all I have for ya.
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