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smevil Posted By smevil, Jan 23, 2012 at 11:23 PM

  1. smevil

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    Jan 22, 2012
    Hey i have a quick question i converted an old insert to free standing put a 8" pipe up 3ft. to a 90 degree then 3ft. to the wall where it goes to double wall pipe. out to another 90 then up 25+ ft. All pipe was new and I have been operating this stove for 2 months i overheated my pipe after the first 90 degree once and it was my fault i opened the air to and made a blast furnace so I disasembled the pipe cleaned out the residue and reassembled, 2 weeks being later, now being more careful now we were running it more choked down I am getting a black resine leaking out the pipe even along the long seams running the lenght of the pipe. I tried a control burn in the pipe to clear out the resine but it just flames up and the pipe by the wall runs 600 +degress (red hot) then starts smoking off the paint and resine, basically scaring the hell out of the wife, my question is how do i reduce the fast buildup of creosote in the pipes it seems way to fast to start iternal fires in the pipe. or could it be the 8" pipe instead of a 6" just not sure? Thanks sme
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    That black resin is creosote and that is what burn when you have a chimney fire. If it is running like you say it sounds like your wood is not well seasoned. Well seasoned wood will create some creosote in the older stoves but should be dry and flaky. The black tar like creosote is very flammable if it catches on fire you could have a major chimney fire. BE CAREFUL. Is this pipe on the outside of the house all double wall insulated ? Sounds like your wife has reason to be scared.

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