Q&A Insert vs. True Masonry/Hot Water?

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    Ideally, we would like an air tight, highly efficient fireplace or insert that would not only radiate heat, but also utilize the free energy above the fireplace to heat water. The water would circulate between a coil above the fireplace and a large hot water storage tank. That way we could utilize both the fireplace and hot water heat.

    Unfortunately, we haven't found a system like the one described above. Currently we are investigating Finnish Fireplaces or True Masonry Stoves and Woodstove inserts. We can't decide which system is best for us and have had trouble finding someone who can give us an unbiased opinion. So far we are comparing Temp-Cast http://www.tempcast.com and the Quadra-Fire 5100 insert. Can someone please explain the advantages and disadvantages of both systems or refer me to an expert in this arena? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


    All of these systems work..and work well. However, the exact type of system hybrid that you mention is not currently available in the US. If you really want to heat with hot water, you might want to consider one of the gasification boiler from HS TARM (http://www.woodboilers.com). These heat your entire home efficiently through a hot water system. Of course, you might still want a stove or fireplace for ambiance.

    The Temp-Cast, Tulikivi and other masonry heaters are great, however they are not designed to do the job with hot water. The Quad and other inserts are designed to retrofit existing masonry fireplaces. Since you don't already have a masonry fireplace, it might be best to start with a complete solution.

    Did you look at the Fireplace Xtrodinair at http://www.fireplacex.com? Also, check out the units made by RSF Energy at http://www.icc-rsf.com/en/fireplaces/environment.asp

    Good luck with your new home.
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