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    I am building a new home this coming spring. I would like to have an insert in the fireplace so I may heat the basement of about 1600 sf. I am trying to locate an insert with a decent sized ash pan and a shaker. The new fireplace will be located on the outside wall of the basement.

    The Harman insert stove I have in my current home has a shaker and 8x16 inch pan. But few of the stoves I've been seeing lately seem to have an ash pan and the ones which do seem so small as to be useless.

    Any suggestions of where to look? I'd dearly love to have an ash pan I could clean out from the outside, but I figure that may be a lost cause considering the designs I've been seeing.


    Most stoves with shakers and ash pans are designed for coal. Wood makes very little ash, so a pan is not always needed. Also, the height requirements of most fireplaces make it more difficult to design an insert with built-in ash removal.

    That said, there are quite a few inserts with Ash Pans.
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