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    I'm confused about clearances for installing a jotul 602. We're trying to fit it into a tight space. My brochure says 25 in side clearance and 13 in corner clearance for that model. Does that mean that I can get it in a tighter space if I put in at an angle to the wall? Because 13 inches from the corner to the wall gets me in much closer than 25 inches to the side. But then I'm closer than 25 inches from the side to the wall, but I'm at a slant. does that make any sense to you? I wish I could draw a picture. Also, is I can get the shield for the rear of the stove so I can put it 9 inches from the rear, but is there anything I can put on the wall to reduce the 25 inch side clearance? The shop I went to said no. But I'm finding that hard to believe.


    The first answer is YES, you can usually (at least from a physics viewpoint) put it to the closer clearance when it's on a slant..the reason is that radiation from a stove comes directly out the larger flat sides..so putting it on an angle greatly reduces this.

    As far as shields, if they are available for the stove, you'll find them listed in the manual or label on the stove. You an also use protection on the wall in order to make closer clearances. A sheet of sheet metal, spaced 1" from the wall on non-combustible spacers will reduce by 50%...Same with cement board , DuraRock or Wonderboard, available in building supply and tile stores
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