Installing a Wood Cookstove Above The Wood Furnace

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Getting Nervous

New Member
Feb 23, 2022
Members, hoping for some advice. I heat with wood using a wood furnace in the basement. My flue goes through the cinder block wall and then is insulated pipe along the outside of the house up past the roof. I am now going to install a wood cookstove on the first floor of my house, directly above the furnace. I would love to run my flue from the cookstove out the wall of the house and into a "T" (which I would install) in the already existing furnace flue. Can this be done. Some have said yes and some have said no. Would love to hear from others. I would hate to have to buy another 20 ft. of insulated pipe and have two pipes running side by side up over the roof.


Chimney sweep
Staff member
Jan 14, 2014
central pa
Nope can't be done.


Dec 16, 2021
IIRC, the reason it's not allowed is that the wood cookstove would become part of the chimney for the basement wood furnace, and you'd start getting smoke and CO coming out the air intake when the cookstove wasn't lit but the furnace was.