Installing Free Standing Stove in Fireplace

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New Member
Jan 27, 2021
Scituate, Massachusetts
Hi all- I have been lurking for a few weeks, and finally decided to post. I am looking to install very small free standing wood stove in my fireplace. I would like to use it as not to solely heat my house, but for coziness on the weekends and as a heat source in the event of a power outage.

I have researched many smaller stoves, including the Vermont Castings Aspen and the Jotul F602. The issue with the Jotul is that it is too tall for my fireplace opening (26.5”) and the Vermont Castings would not fit fully in the fireplace. My mantle is combustible, and I was told by a tech that if the stove extends beyond the fireplace, then the mantle would have to be replaced with non-combustible materials. The chimney is not used to vent any appliances, so on paper *I think* this setup should work if I can just find the right stove!

Does anyone have experience with:
a. installing a small wood stove in a fireplace
b. the True North TN 10 stove? Here is a link to their brochure with more info

I have attached a picture of my fireplace as well. House was built in 1955 - original fireplace.



Minister of Fire
Jan 19, 2019
SE North Carolina
Couple thoughts. With only 26” of height, 2020 epa emissions requirements and the 2021 tax credit I would be looking at inserts as well. Your options for free standing stoves are limited and or nonexistent if you want the tax credit. I really like the look of my free standing in my fireplace and understand why you might not want to go that route. Second piece of unsolicited advice don’t get anything less than 1.5 cu ft. I know that means no Aspen or 602 but you get bigger glass with a bigger stove. The exception is if the room is smallish and pretty closed off from the rest of the house which might be your case.



Feeling the Heat
Feb 8, 2020
Central MA
You may be able have the stove extend out of the fireplace if you use a mantel shield. What's the height from the hearth to the mantel? Shields can be pretty easily custom fabricated and painted so as not to be super ugly.

I have a VC Intrepid installed in front of a fireplace similar to yours. We ended up plonking it in front of the fireplace, partly to get more heat and to have access to the top loading door, and partly because the side trim on my fireplace was even tighter than yours and that was the only way to meet clearances without removing the trim. So that's one option.

If you do end up putting it in front of the fireplace, you may need to extend the floor protection. If you look for stoves that only require ember protection, then a simple sheet of metal attached to the floor would suffice. Otherwise you're looking at building an insulated hearth extension out into the room.


New Member
Jan 27, 2021
Scituate, Massachusetts
Thank you, both! I appreciate the suggestions and insight as I try to wrap my head around this. WOW talk about a lot of research!

Thank you also for the suggestion about the Intrepid. It says that the clearance from stove to mantle can be reduced to 14” (mine is exactly 14”) with an appropriate mantle shield. I don’t believe that was an option for the Aspen?