Insurance for commercial pellet boilers

Richardin52 Posted By Richardin52, Apr 15, 2008 at 5:20 PM

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    I just put a Treager PB 150 pellet boiler in an apartment house. Because I am the first person in my area to put a pellet boiler into an apartment house two news papers printed a story about it. Yesterday I had several calls from other apartment owners who have been told by their insurance agent they would not allow them to put a similar boiler in an apartment house unless it was occupied by them. One of these people has the same agent I have. I had not checked with them because I figured so long as everything meets code there would not be a problem.

    Yesterday I sent my agent a certified letter explaining to them I have put in this boiler, that the room the unit is in has 5/8 fire code sheet rock on the walls and ceiling, that I have a sprinkler in the room and the pellet boiler is set up to work in conjunction with my oil boiler.

    I also told them the pellet boiler has a listing stamp showing that it has been tested and approved by a third party testing lab. It was installed by a Maine Licensed Master oil and solid fuel person, that I am a state licensed plumbing and Building inspector and that the boiler was installed per code.

    I also explained to them that I checked my policy and could see no where that prohibited the use of pellet fuel boilers and asked if there were such a section that they respond in writing and send me a copy of that section together with the section and page numbers. I asked that they do this within 5 working days so that I can find other insurance for my building without a lapse of insurance.

    I figure they may as well sh—or get off the pot. I want to know if I am insured before something happens.

    Two questions;
    Does anyone else have a boiler in a commercial situation?
    Who are they insured with?
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