Pellet stove in Chicago garage and basement? Insurance?

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Dec 1, 2023

I am in the process of finishing my old detached garage. It's about 440 sq feet and isn't going to be air tight just with how old it is. I just want to be able to use it whenever I want w/o it being too cold and mainly because right now I can't work on it due to it being cold. I have the walls insulated and I want to put up drywall so I can start organizing it, then finish the ceiling insulation. That being said. I called my insurance company and the guy flat out said no to anything wood burning including pellet stove but said off record if you install it the insurance company wouldn't know. My question is, does anyone in Chicago, IL have a pellet stove in their garage? Eventually I would like to get one in my basement because it's cold down there and it's already finished and unfortunately, it leaked a lot so we got a sump pump system installed around the border. There's a membrane surrounding the bottom to catch water from the walls so even if I do insulate.. it might get moldy?

The product I am looking at is this one:
where i live in order to put a wood burning stove in a garage it needs to be 18" off the ground. The theory being any flammable vapors stay low to the ground and you should noticed them before they ignite.
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Here you can put a pellet/wood stove in a converted
garage as long as the Garage door has been removed.
that way it becomes part of your living space
My wood shop has a pellet stove ok'ed by my ins. company
siting the fact that is a sealed unit sealed chimney OAK installed
sealed stove
Your ins person has no idea what a pellet stove is or how it works like most inc
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