IronStrike Cascade "is this normal..." Questions

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Dec 15, 2014
New York
Hi All, my first pellet stove, doing ok so far but I'm not sure about the following...

1. The heat exchanger emits air more forcefully on the left side (facing the stove), the right side output is noticeably weaker.

2. There is a gap between the glass and the top of the door
IronStrike Cascade "is this normal..." Questions

Just like to get a sanity check to see if these things are normal/expected.

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You glass to door gap is probably on purpose to provide an "air wash" to help keep the glass cleaner. IMO. I would ask your dealer.
Room air Fan is on what side of the stove? The air flow will probably strongest on the side that the fan is on.
Never heard of Ironstrike so did some checking ... This is a Lennox brand pellet stove. What does the Warnock Hersey tag on the back say? Is Ironstrike building them and Lennox rebranding?

Page 23 of the manual mentions the airwash

I haven't seen a blower set-up like this before but I admit limited experience ... are they physically connected together on the stove as it shows in the parts breakdown?
Thanks for the replies, I think it's all good. The air wash is indeed explained in the manual, I missed it. And the fan does reside more on the left side of the stove.

There's no Warnock Hersey tag on the back. The side panel where the controls are says IronStrike. I've seen the identical Cascade model marketed under Lennox, Ironstrike and Whitfield.

Thanks again.
Lennox sold out the pellet line last spring I believe.
Innovative Hearth Products, makers of IronStrike, is rated/tested under OMNI Test Labs instead of Warnock Hersey.

Lennox now operating as Innovative Hearth Products. Lennox was acquired by Comvest in 2012 and looks to have restructured hearth products out as IHP. I always wonder whether this type of restructure is just to take advantage of additional incentives/government money. Maybe a little cynical :(

And here it is ... the corporate slight of hand towards the end of the article. They closed a Tennessee plant and expanded... Good that it stayed in the US though.
The state agreed to pay $1 million in incentives, which will be paid over a five-year period if the company maintains 245 employees over that time. Local officials agreed to pay $300,000 over a four-year period if the company maintains that same 245-employee level. The local money will be split between the city, county, the industrial development board and the Franklin County Community Development Commission. - See more at:

No disrespect to you or your stove choice hdh...
Polaris is going to open a plant in Georgia and I wonder how many jobs going to be sucked from a high tax state and a whopping heat bill like I try to live in and get a heap of incentives to do so?! Couldn't keep the only pellet mill in the state for all the red tape and taxes. The winter job in Florida is looking better all the time. Won't have to worry about heart attack from shoveling snow or this year slipping and breaking a hip on the ice:)
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