Is it too late in season to install a woodstove?

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Nov 30, 2005
Here it is almost December in Northeast Ohio. Have the woodstove, hearth, permit, and everything to install. Installer , who promised it would be done by November 1st still hasn't started. Before I even bother trying to find another one, is it possible to get a good seal on roof around flashing in cold weather? What outside temp does it have to be for the heat resistant caulk to stick? I know we shouldn't have waited this long.


Unfortunately all roofs do not leak when its 70 degrees, and most do not leak unless it is raining.
Leaks have to be addressed in the best possible situations. It is possible to roof at 20 degrees,
not very confortable but possible. I bring in the caulking and adheisives to a heated heated space,
Then place them by my trucks heater on the way to the job. If I can,I ask to store them inside heated
till I need to use them.
Saying with right pre-cautions your stove can still be installed, You are right to be concerned, warmer
days and better conditions are past, but it is still doable. But any day an Artic front can pass and things change quickly
Get on the phone and press the retailer or installer, if you have to, threaten to cancel the order. You have
waited long enough. You want it done before next week at this time or cancel go elswhere. Right now I would be wondering about customer service or support from this dealer. If you have problems, in what time frame would he address them?
He should be the one calling you and saying, I'm over booked I will install at x date is this all right with you. If he were up front and told you the install has a 4 week waiting time. You would be ok with that. You at least have an option to walk because, You will not wait. The call is yours Better call the dealer and get a date or understanding soon,


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Nov 28, 2005
I live in southern Ohio, Cincinnati, and I just had a stove installed this week. Also, a friend of mine in the area is having one installed on December 15. Good luck! It is so hard to wait when you are cold.


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Dec 1, 2005
It's not to late to install; however the delay in having your dealer install your unit may be due to factors beyond the dealer's control. The demand has far exceeded manufacturers' ability to supply this year, and many manufacturers are way behind in filling dealer's orders for stoves. In our store we are booking installations in January as the calendar is full each day. As the weather changes, installations have to be changed due to rain, ice, snow.
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