Jamestown J1000 Circuit board question

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New Member
Nov 21, 2022
I have a Jamestown J1000 stove and a resistor on the circuit board burned up. There is no way to see the resistor value and I haven't been able to locate a good enough picture to see what size the resistor is. Does anyone have a component level diagram or just a picture of the board? The part number on the board is C880. Here's a picture of the board with the resistor circled. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



Dec 13, 2012
I’ll upload a pic of my J1000 board, but I think it’s newer than that one. Hope it helps.

13C52185-118C-4E8C-A60A-C4CD1A73FC4D.jpeg 9E316FC0-5755-4E85-919A-3F03E93DEAB7.jpeg 66CF0133-F5B5-4B18-AD47-770BE6FB3FEE.jpeg