Jensen boiler questions

snikr Posted By snikr, Oct 2, 2009 at 10:24 PM

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    I'm on this forum in the Pellet Stove area but a friend of mine has some questions about a boiler. He is looking at a Jensen Wood/Coal boiler that his brother has in his house. The local dealer doesn't seem to know much as he checked with him today. Anyway, he wants to know if the Jensen's are good boilers or should he pass on it. And are they Cast Iron or steel, what's a good price, etc. His brother used it till he got a different boiler. The info I got from him is the Jensen was built in 1983 and is 100,000 BTU, and the Model number he got was WHI (or 1)-001378 (or was that a serial number?). Any info you could give me would be a big help. TIA

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