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Jimboy Posted By Jimboy, Jul 1, 2008 at 4:08 AM

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    Jun 29, 2008
    I'm new to the forum here, but I am reading past posts as quickly as possible. The people here seem to put a lot of thought into their efforts. So while I am doing my reading, I will share what I am up to. Some one might have some comments, or links to web sites that I might find useful.
    I am in the slow process of installing a jetstream boiler in my basement. Some of you might remember these units. They were built on Prince Edward Island in the 70's and then later by kerr. They have not been manufactured for quite a number of years now. They were expensive, and years ahead of their time. To my knowledge, there is no wood boiler presently built in Canada that comes even close in performance(if anyone knows differently, I'd like to hear about it). The jetstream was designed to heat a water storage, allowing the boiler to either be off, or be running at max. efficiency. My main hurdle at this time is coming up with the heat storage. The original installations used plywood tanks lined with epdm liners. The problem here is that most people heted their storage just under boiling. This shortened the life of the liner and people eventually had a lot of hot steamy water in their basement. I would think that this is still a problem with the epdm liners, although I haven't seen anyone mention it here. I have heat exchangers from some earlier installations. They are coils designed to fit a tank about four feet deep. Apparently one coil has enough capacity to remove the boiler heat. I read here on the forum that the European designs use closed pressure storage . Does anyone have any links to some good reading that would settle the discussion? A major consideration is that I am quite limited in what I can get down into my basement. I would like to avoid the epdm liners if excessive heat is still an issue. I was thinking about welding a 4x4x8 ft tank and installing two coils(remember that I already have them). I have been warned by a seasoned welder that the changes in temp might cause cracks. This person also mention a product called sanitred that might be useful. I am going to look into the availability and price of propane tanks. I will also check to see how big a pressure water tank I can get, and what it would it would cost. So it looks like I am in the same problem as lots others, What to do?. I am certainly open to suggestions or comments , and would appreciate any favorite links that might apply. Thanks in advance for any help.
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