Jotul 118 side burn plate question

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New Member
Oct 25, 2021
Hi Folks, new member, and happy to be here.

I'm putting an old Jotul 118 I recently purchased through the ropes, and had a quick question... I have (so I've learned) the non UL 118 with the shorter side baffles and only two holes. My baffles are warped and have cracks that were repaired by having small plates welded over the cracks. I'm going to replace them before long, and was wondering if anyone knows whether the UL baffles will fit instead of the non UL ones? I have three hooks inside the stove, so perhaps the current baffles were replacements themselves? I'm not sure why there would be a spare hook if the current baffles are correct. (For some inexplicable reason the UL baffles are less expensive, hence my tendency to replace with them if possible.)

The stove is burning now, so I can't get in there to measure the spacing of the hooks, so I thought I'd just check in here to see if anyone has any knowledge of this situation and this particular stove.

Thanks so much, I look forward to "hanging around."



Staff member
Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
I think either will work, but the UL burn plate is what is approved. Give Woodman's Parts Plus a call. They should be able to help you with this.

Have you tried your local Jotul dealer?

PS: They are called side burn plates. The baffle is what sits on top of them.