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Jframe38 Posted By Jframe38, Mar 1, 2019 at 1:07 PM

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    my fireplace installation of my beautiful jotul 121 the unit even having been recessed into the fireplace provides enough heat into the main room to cut the thermostat from kicking on by about half
    I’m in the process of moving the flue from the top to the rear to be able to move the stove out into the room farther I’m going to use a floor heat shield under the stove

    bc492447a37fd3c716c2fc13438a0113.jpg 41b33c2048adbeac6f7e313b09d024ef.jpg e4da3a85d0acb37b9b87fa7859c62b04.jpg
    this stove is slightly larger then the 118 it’s over 300 pounds if something ever happens to the side baffle plates it will cost about 400 dollars per side to replace them. The top cast iron baffle plates are unbelievably expensive to replace as well I’m catching the impression that the jotul 121 was not imported into the U.S as often as there other models it was discontinued in the mid 80’s. I choke this stove down to barely sip oxygen and make it smolder overnight in the morning I still have 1/3 of the original log mass inside the stove this stove has ran for 2 weeks non stop with little of no attention. Burning this stove the way I do promotes creosote build up quickly that needs constant attention. Plus it smokes up the neighborhood but I’m semi rural in my locality the heat this classic puts out is truly aw inspiring the design is a cast iron work of art rarely seen in modern stoves
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    That looks to be in nice condition. Did you repaint it? It's good that you are going to install a proper hearth protection under the stove. Right now it is inadequate and the wood floor + carpet are too close. There should be 16" of protection in front of the door. I would also consider putting a mantel shield attached under the mantel. That looks too close.
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