JOTUL Allagash propane stove ON/OFF Switch question

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New Member
Oct 8, 2022
We have an JOTUL Allagash stove (propane conversion) and the remote has always worked well and the stove can be shut-off manual at the back of the stove, when we're travelling. In the late spring, the stove is shut-off and the pilot light extinguished. This fall, the pilot light was lit. The remote works, but the stove doesn't turn off when the switch on the back of the stove is turned to OFF. In T-stat mode, the remote works as expected and when the switch is switched to ON, the stove fires up. Does anyone have any ideas why the OFF setting on the back of this stove no longer works? I think there is a setting we're missing. Thank you.
What remote are you using?
Hello Bob,

It's a Skytech Model 1001TH-A. The transmitter box works in the OFF/Remote and ON position - the latter triggering the stove to turn ON. It's the back of the stove where the ON button turns on the stove but OFF doesn't work. Perhaps a setting with the remote?

Thanks - David
The remote & stove are mutually exclusive. If you turn the stove ON with the remote, you have to turn it OFF with the remote. If the remote is in Thermostat mode, I don’t think the stove switch will function. I could be wrong, tho. Not totally familiar with that particular model.