jotul clearances

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Oct 30, 2023
Johnstown, Ohio
Im new on the forum, so please excuse my ignorance on getting things done the right way! I have a 2006 Jotul F 500 wood stove that I am trying to find out my clearance from the back of the stove to the wall. I have a clearance chart for the Jotul F 500 but it does not give me the clearance from stove to the back wall with my specifics, I have wall protection, floor protection, and double wall stove pipe and no rear heat shield. I can find the clearance spec for wall protection, double wall stove pipe and with rear stove heat shield , says 6", but no specs for no heat shield. what would you recommend?
What is the wall protection behind the stove? How is it constructed?

With a proper shield, it's 12" unless the stove has the rear heatshield. 12" is the NFPA 211 minimum reduced clearance. The 6" with the rear heat shield is a tested clearance.
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I dont believe there is a tag on the back, but I will double check, There is durock on the back wall along with ceramic tile on the durock. I got the Duravent DVL black double wall stove pipe to help minimize clearance. The clearance sheet Jotul has for the stove, just doesnt give a clearance for the back with dble wall stove pipe, wall protection , and no heat shield. I does say 6" clearance for dbl wall stove pipe, wall protection and rear heat shield, but no spec without the heat shield.
Ceramic tile on Durock does not constitute proper wall shielding. The manual makes it clear that by wall protection they mean a proper NFPA 211 wall shield. As described, the stove will need 18" rear clearance unless a Jotul rear heatshield is added to the stove. The clearance is to the nearest combustible which would be the wood studs behind the cement board.

If it doesn't have a tag legally it is an unlisted stove and none of the specified clearances apply anymore
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I did find a tag on it it only lists one clearance on the rear side and its 18", doesnt say single wall or dbbl wall pipe or wall protection or anything. But in the manual for the stove it does give the options with the wall protection, single or dbbl stove pipe and rear shield.
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begreen, can you buy new or used rear shields, it might be just as well to go ahead and put that on then we can be legal at the 6" clearance.
That's the safest solution. This stove radiates a lot of heat. You'll be glad it's on there. Check with local Jotul dealers. If not possible, it can be ordered online.