Jotul F500 Air manifold replacement.

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New Member
Sep 23, 2022
Wellington New Zealand

New to the forum, but spent a little time nosing around trying to find a bit of info.

I have a Jotul F500 that is @ 20 years old. Couple of years ago i replaced the heat mat and the baffles above the air tubes, nice n easy and fitted a new gasket on the outlet as 1 of the bolts had corroded and snapped.

Earlier this winter. one of the air pipes (the rear one) fell out, i suspect when my son was jamming wood in the fire box. It was bent and beyond repair so we have been using it without the rear air pipe in for most of the winter. As winter is nearing its end, i have decided to have a nosy and see what i need to do to repair it.

I gave the fire a good clean today and found that the bolts on the right hand side manifold have disintegrated and the manifold has come apart allowing the remaining air pipes to just hang. I have made a temporary repair for now, but i also noticed that the rear air manifold has a couple of big holes in it where it bolts on at each end. Is this common? are they available for replacement? Is it an easy repair? On the Jotul parts list, it is item number 12.

All advice gratefully received.

Moved to the main forum, the F500 is a modern stove.
Pic.s would help. It's not weird for the secondary manifold assembly to wear out, and it's not too terribly hard to replace. But I've never seen a problem with the thing it attaches to...