Jotul F500 Oslo V3 Cat

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Nov 5, 2021
Yup. Another thread about the cat converter. Mine started degrading during it's first season. Dealer replaced it under warranty. I installed it yesterday. I had been keeping up with brushing off the front side of the cat, but found the back side of it pretty caked with ash. I suppose this is why it started melting down. I guess I'll need to find an elbow attachment for the ash vac to better suck it out regularly.

Anyway, I noticed when I pulled the top plate that there was cement at the top corners that had cracked and came off when I disturbed it. I'm waiting to get some cement to put a dab on each corner before I put the top back on.

Also, when I removed the nuts inside the firebox, the whole stud came out. I guess I'll separate those and put the studs back into the top plate before reinstalling?