Jotul Lil Hammer GV200 pilot burning too bright

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Hearth Supporter
Oct 18, 2008
North East CT
So fired up my Jotul GV200 this year to burn off the rust from the off season and noticed the pilot light is bright yellow. The rest of the stove (the burners) are blue like they should be. I am thinking I might have messed up last year when I replaced the pilot assembly. The little “hat” gets rusted to the point where it could not be removed for cleaning and it wasnt burning right(weak flame) so I bought a whole new assembly and replaced it but now I think it may have come with a NG orifice. I didnt think of that when I changed it. Apparently they come that way and the orifice (Jotul Part#129473) needs to be installed. I thought I would post this so no one else makes the same mistake. I really don’t like working on these even though I have worked on LP RV appliances for years. Just can’t get anyone around here to touch it. I probably did not notice this mistake last year because it was so warm in Ct I didnt use the stove at all.