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    I've had a Jotul for 30 years, but its starting to show its age. I am bewildered by all this catalytic and non catalytic talk. What are the pros and cons? Do catalytics require better chimney draft? What other brands are similar, ie, any equivalent stoves made in USA? Thank you.


    Good questions.....There is no hard and fast rule regarding chimney draft, and ALL modern stoves require a better draft than the older stoves. If I were to generalize, I'd suggest that the cats need more draft than the non-cats because of lower stack temperatures. The higher stack temps of non-cats help cause the chimney to pull harder.

    Many of the larger stoves use cats, while medium and smaller models are often non-cat. All things being equal, a non-cat may cost less to maintain in the future.

    Jotul and Vermont Castings, are two of the main brands of similar cast-iron stoves. Vermont Castings is the only USA made. Of course, there are lots of other stove models available. Most of the current models are quite efficient, and I'm sure you'll love whichever model you choose.



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