Just got a Jotul 8..... and broke it......:-(

happycat254 Posted By happycat254, Jan 8, 2012 at 3:57 AM

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    Hi all. I'm hoping you might be able to advise me on how to fix my damage. Here's what happened. I was taking the catalitic access plate off the back so I could check it out and the top two bolts broke off. Here's how they fit. Bolt comes out of back wall of stove and has a nut securing it to the wall. Then the plate goes over it with another nut holding that on. Well the right side snapped clean off when I took the first nut off then again when I tried the second nut. Gave it a tap with a nail and I'm ready to replace the bolt. No problem.
    Unfortunately the left side was less cooperative. The outer nut broke the bolt when I tried to take it it off. The inner nut had pretty much lost it's "nut shape" and did not respond to wrenches or vise grips. So I took a chisel to it. Should have known better. Wasn't thinking at my best. Got about half way through and then I broke a piece off of the top edge of the opening. It is about 3/4" x 3" from the bolt hole, slanting down to the edge. I held the cover plate up and it doesn't cover the gap.

    Here is my question. Can I weld it back on with my MIG welder? I figure if I can tack it in place, I can put a big washer on the inside and outside run a bolt through them and hold it together with a nut and slather stove cement on it to seal it. Thoughts? Suggestions?
    I only paid 100.00 for it, but I hate to give up on it and am willing to be creative. Its a nice stove and should work well for our living room. (Even matches our furniture).
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    You can buy nickel mig wire and I have known it to be done on engine blocks successfully. Google up Royal 44-30 wire. About 30-40 a lb. You won't get penetration with regular mig wire and you'll lay a gob of junk on top of the crack. When I DC weld cast I don't grove out the crack if the cast is thinner than 1/8". When I have it just seemed to make things worse. Maybe some pics of what you've done and someone may have a better idea. Lesson learned...cast is brittle.

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