Just my luck

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Dec 2, 2017
Well just must be my luck GF calls me at work yesterday dishwasher is leaking all over the floor, knew it had a small leak somewhere under it that every once and a while it would trip the water alarm and shut the unit down. Went home and looked and figured something else must have let go like a door seal or something. Figuring this bosh was over 10 years old and i could not find the original leak it was time for new.. Well go get a new bosh and notice it does not have the built in drip tray and alarm, hmm ok maybe that was a design change so i installed it. Well the 1/2 hour to install and 3 hours to actually get it to run their is no display so no error code except for a blinking light on the floor and all i could find for information was it may think door was not closed. Reset, power unplugged, no mater what i did it would not work then suddenly it started working? Then the GF tried to link up the wifi again and it quit working again and still would not connect. Now i figured their must be a software issue with it and everytime we try to link it to wifi it creates a error. Needless to say its going back today im not impressed especially when they advertise 30% more capacity with the 3rd rack but in reality that is false as we could not fit all the dishes in from the other machine not even close, the racks are 2" smaller than my other one..

on a side note where i buy all my furniture and appliances is a top notch store and my regular salesman is a person i have known for years and is as honest as they come. He sold me this as it being able to notify me of a leak via wifi but this specific model does not have that feature since it does not have the drip pan, but who ever keeps their website up to date and im assuming creates their training info copied and pasted the wrong info into it. So now i will be going in and they can upgrade me at no extra charge. Especially since in the last 2 years we have replaced every appliance, bed, living room furniture, and im always sending them new customers. I also know the owner as well, i used to run the competing store. THis is the type of owner that when i had a issue with my sofa and it was out of warranty without hesitation opened his wallet and gave me more than enough money to cover the repair and said it this did not cover it let him know and he would come good for it.
Hmm. my basic bosch dishwasher i got used 5-6 years ago has been the best dishwasher i ever had. Still running strong. There is a strange reset procedure that you sometimes need to do if you stop the cycle before it's done. Had to look it up a few times until i finally wrote it down and taped it to the side of the fridge.
if it was me i'd hook the old one to a hose and y splitter to go to hot and cold feeds and run it outside on blocks and figure out where the leak is coming from. If it's a hose or pump, probably easy fix.
the old one is well over 10 years old well past its prime... you fix one thing and something else goes wrong. Once things get past their prime i have found its better to replace than repair.. I only paid $100 for it 5 years ago used so its no great loss, where i purchase from they throw in a 5 year replacement warranty and "no extra" charge and 90 day exchange if you are not happy.. found out this morning that the front lower cover once you put it on you cannot open the door all the way only one way it can go on.
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That's annoying about the cover.
And this is why i deal with this company, went in and explained what had happened and without hesitation they upgraded me to the next model and we split the difference in price and they delivered it again for free. 20 min installed and working perfectly..
On a side note when i told my salesman what i found on the website he asked me to let him deal with it, he was furious..