Kalamazoo Emperor cook stove

M o Jo Man

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Sep 2, 2019
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
I recently purchased a Kalamazoo Emperor Cook stove. I was looking for some parts and questions about the stove. The stove is missing the ash pan and the top front firebox door has a hole in it. Someone took a torch to it and cut a hole in it for whatever reason. I was looking for a matching cream color door along with a ash pan. My question is the plates in the fire box were numbered 252, 253, and 254. Is there a special way they go in? Also where the water jacket goes in the back it looks like someone cut a square hole into the back of the stove, any reason for this? I will download pictures to show what I'm talking about. Thanks for any and all input

20190902_205107.jpg 20190902_205132.jpg 20190902_205212.jpg
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Nov 10, 2018
Eastern Pa.
This is only in regard to your missing ash pan: I go to Amazon and look for cake pans/cooking trays. I've done this for 3 stoves, and have been able to find one close enough in size to work. Heavy-duty, stainless, made in the USA, and much cheaper than trying to find someone to custom make it. Good luck on your restoration; I love older stoves! Curt