Kozy Heat drafting issue

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New Member
Nov 22, 2021
Custer SD
We purchased our home and it has a Cozy Heat Z-42 installed upstairs.
We are having issues with I think, damper air. I removed the damper intake pipe and found several very dead bats in it.
I then found more bats in the damper intake chamber on the right side of the fireplace, laying in the bottom of the pan.
I removed all of them and confirmed the small vent hose is clear that goes from the bottom of the damper intake chamber to the interior of the fireplace.
When we start a fire, with the damper open, door open to balance pressure and it starts.
It does not burn fast with damper wide open and when I open the door slightly, the fire jumps up and really starts burning. Close the door and it damps down.
I cannot figure out if there is another blockage somewhere that I cannot get to.
I am about ready to rip this out and put in a free standing woodstove....
What a bummer, for you and for the bats. The outside air intake should have been screened to prevent rodent and insect intrusion.
How tall is your chimney pipe from the top of the fireplace to the top of the cap? Is it the proper height above the roofline? We have the Z42 installed in our basement with an outside air kit. It's a two story home so I'm guessing ours may draft better with the taller chimney pipe. With the damper all the way open the fire will burn very high/hot and when I close it all the way down the fire will just smolder so there is a lot of variability in the level of air control with our setup. I would say it's either chimney pipe leangth or something is still blocking the air intake. Seems like you are on the right path to getting it figured out. We love our Z42 . Hopeful you are able to find a solution.