Kozy Heat Z42 vs Pacific Energy FP30

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Sep 23, 2014
Northeast PA
Its taken me over 2 years to figure out what fireplace I want install and I narrowed it down to the Z42 and the FP30. I've spent a lot of time on here reading various posts about each fireplace and both get great reviews.

I can get the FP30 arch unit for $3200 cash, just have to add the OAK. The Z42 would be around $3350 so the price is close. I'm not going to go with any additional distribution kits (I wish they still sold the A body FP30).

Leaning towards the FP30 but I gotta drive 3 hours which is OK. Z42 is 20 mins for the house. House is 2200 sq feet and this will be installed on the back wall of a great room that extends out fro the main house. I have 14 foot ceiling in the great room

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated. I dont; expect these to heat entire house but should I?

What do you all think? Which should I go with?

I'm in paralysis by analysis mode right now..

You won't go wrong with either. The Kozy has been around for quite a while. The Z42 firebox can take a bit longer log, but is a bit more shallow so it lends itself a bit more towards traditional E/W fireplace burning. There are many happy owners of this fireplace.

The FP30 has a cleaner look with the single door and it has a more square firebox. It can be loaded N/S or E/W. The other thing I like is that it has an ashlip, albeit a small one.
For me, probably not. E/W loading is nice for a fire view, but I prefer N/S loading for heating. I also prefer a single door and like look of the arched opening on the FP30.
I evaluated both and settled on the FP-30 due to simplicity, n/s loading, and looks. Oh...and my wife liked the looks of the FP-30 more than the kozy.

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