KUMA Stove - Blower

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Jan 19, 2022
Pea Ridge, Arkansas
Hi all,

Quick question regarding KUMA stoves and the blower. My blower does not start when the stove is cold. Does the stove need to be a certain heat for the blower to start? What is strange is, if heat is required, then why does the blower keep blowing then the stove cools down to almost no heat at all. In other words, the blower would need to heat to start, but once started it does not care about heat anymore.

Is my blower defective?

Our Kuma Alpine blower operates the same way I think. In the morning after say 9 + hours before I reload the fan is still on. Stove is ~200 or less. I myself would say its normal, but really don't how they are supposed to operate. Now our stove at our vacation home we always reload then leave to go back. Next time we come up the blower is off. So that one I do know goes off at some point. Hope this helps.
The blower on my osburn is on a thermodisk.it comes on when the stove gets quite hot and shuts down when the stove cools down.i can unplug it from the thermo and run it manually if I wish.
The blower on my Lopi insert works exactly as you have described. I've wondered how it stays on longer than I think it would, given the amount of heat required for it to start.

So I don't think there is anything wrong with your blower, that is how they are designed to operate.
Took me a year to figure out my answer. I took out the blower and had a hard look at it. It has a thermostat. I tested this with a hair blower to see when it would start and stop. Took a few minutes at high heat for the stove blower to turn on, and as soon as it cooled off it turned off. I suppose our blowers turn on and off depending on if they have a thermostat and how close they are to the heat source. HA !!!