L. Lange and Co stove

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Nov 5, 2010
Hi this is my first post!

I have just been given a gorgeous little stove made my L Lange (Danish i think) and i would like some advice on renovation, fitting etc. I will try to post a pic.

It needs some fire cement on the joints, and a general overhaul i think, as i want to make sure it's safe before i use it. Can anyone recommend someone in Devon, Uk, to do this?? It has some marks on the top, can i buy paint to go over these, with it being enamel?? Will it be easy to install, with it being so old?


Hope this link works;

Lange made very nice, efficient heaters. Usually they are simply made and easy to rebuild. However, they are no longer sold on our side of the pond, so the knowledge and parts are very limited. Sadly, the company closed in 1984.

The first place to start is to look inside the stove. Does it have a baffle? If yes, check for warping or cracking and replace if necessary. Same for the sides and back inside of the stove. At night, with another person shining a bright flashlight on the interior corner edges, stand opposite and see if you can see any light leaking through. If so, these areas need sealing. They can either get a temporary bead of furnace cement on the interior or the stove can be disassembled, cleaned and then reassembled with a bead of furnace/stove cement on all the mating edges.

I wouldn't worry too much about the little nicks and chips. Consider them part of the stove's history and character.
Thank you so much! That gives me a starting point!! The cement definately needs replacing, but i have no idea what a baffle is!

I will look for a uk stove forum too, i didnt realise that was a US forum, sorry!!
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