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Hills Hoard Posted By Hills Hoard, May 15, 2013 at 5:21 AM

  1. Hills Hoard

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    Mar 19, 2013
    Melbourne, Australia
    Had a cold front roll through town today with a heap of rain.....a sign of things to come for us down under....i was in the lounge thinking the normal heater wasnt cutting it when the wood box caught my eye. it was full larger splits but i had no smalls to light......(i dont normally burn mid week so i wasnt prepared to start the fire)...deciding it was too cold and wet to head out side to split wood i decided to take my chances and broke off as much small lengths as i could off the large stuff in the wood box...i came up with a decent amount, loaded some paper and fired her up...bam...instant fire...

    lesson learned...1) turns out i can light with way less kindling than i normally use...and 2) it pays to properly season your wood so if you find yourself too lazy to split more, just snap off some splinters and blaze away! :)

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  2. ScotO

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    Looks like you've learned the number done lesson that all woodburners need to learn......properly seasoning wood!

    Looks like a cozy fire for a cold, damp, rainy day. We've been burning for the past several days as well, let the fire go out overnight as the temps are FINALLY supposed to go back up into the seventies and eighties today and later in the week..

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