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    I have what I call a false brick chimney. Since we have a pre-fab fireplace, the only brick we have is on the roof, none in the attic or down through the house. I have discovered there is some leakage coming from around the chimney in the attic. Could that much moisture be coming from water passing through the brick? I used a sealer on them. Since we will only be using gas logs and the cap on the chimney was to be used for wood, should we replace the cap with a small vent? Maybe the water is coming through the large vent we have now? Please give me your opinion.


    It is possible the water is coming from 3 or 4 places:

    1. Through the brick ..the sealing should take care of this

    2. through the flashing between the brick and the roof, check this joint and use silicone caulk or tar to seal it.

    3. Through the metal plate/flashing/storm collar/cap on the top of the chimney assembly.
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