Liberator Rocket Stove


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Nov 6, 2017
Lorraine NY
Pretty cool idea. Not as economical as they lead ya to believe. But ability to use wood or pellets(hopper sold separately) (OAK sold separately) and no electricity is a plus. I would put some mass around it to help even more

bob bare

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Oct 31, 2013
park county montana
Looks to me like you need wood to start it,to get the flue heated up,so,lots of tending it to get it going,and,like any wood stove,or a Wiseway pellet stove,the flue has to be excellent,for the draft,but still may have problems in differing weather conditions.No thanks,I like turning up my thermostat,and watching the stove take care of itself.


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Oct 18, 2011
Western PA
I've found this intriguing, so I looked into it a little more. From the videos, the the stack temperature seems really low (around 200F). Seems like creosote could be a concern. Also, they don't give any BTU ratings, noting that this could be misleading since much of the heat from wood stoves go up the stack and that this isn't true with this stove. I'm still curious, but I'm not ready to swap out the wood stove just yet.


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Rocket stoves are crude heaters in my opinion especially when compared with a pellet stove .

Deezl Smoke

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Nov 28, 2015
Rocket heaters are awesome. Especially the J type like shown in the link.
Go to youtube and you can watch thousands of videos about them. Typically rocket heaters seem to get more attention from the mass heater folks where they use a rocket stove to heat up a huge mass like stone and mortar and many other material combos. Once up to temp, the stove fire can go out and mass of heat will keep a house or room warm for many, many hours, even days in certain conditions.
My interest in rocket stoves if for the shop, not a house, but they can be used in a house and as the link shows, that one is advertised as approved for indoor use, likely meaning inside a dwelling.

I built a crude prototype J style to experiment with just to prove to myself it works. It does. And they work awesome as long as the theory is understood by the user.

This is the fuel feed of my experiment. I ran out of time and had to put it away. I should get it back out and finish it for the fun of it. But you can see the hot fire below the wood and no smoke backing up into the fire box. I used a perlite medium for insulating the chimney. The chimney must be allowed to get hot and stay hot for the rocket stove to work properly.


Jan 13, 2015
Website says it holds a bag of pellets (so 40lb)... and will burn through that 40lbs in 12 hours.... only heating 2k sq feet according to the website.

That doesn't sound efficient at all for a rocket stove. To make it efficient, you'd need to use it as a mass heater and not run it around the clock.
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