Q&A Lighting a Side Load Wood Stove [Efel]

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    We recently bought a house with an Efel Kamina (or Kaminetta). It is a 20 year-old side loading wood stove. I am looking for any information on how to light it. The side load confuses me. Also, as I have never owned a wood stove before any pointers about things to look for so as to make sure I don't burn down the house would be appreciated (i.e. damper?)


    The Efel Kamina stoves were great.

    You might find it best to set up the fire from the front. As you may know, the outside casing lifts up and the glass door folds up to lean against the stove. You c an then set your firestarter and kindling. Close the front and then you can light it from the side.

    There are two sliding dampers in the front near the bottom which are the air inlets. There is also usually a stack damper built into the stove. Leave all full open when starting the fire.

    Since the stove is not 100% airtight, you will have to adjust the rear damper as well as the front to slow down the fire after it is going. You'll find that this stove heats very quickly and very well.

    Glass and some other parts are available for this model.
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