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QandA Posted By QandA, Oct 4, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    I have a question regarding the lighting of a wood burning stove.On cold days I get a strong cold down draft. If I try to light the stove I get a lot of smoke in the house. I know with a fire place you can heat up the flue with a piece of newspaper on fire. My stove is a Jotul Series 8. This stove has a catalytic combustor. I am unable to light a piece of paper and stick it up the flu because of the way the flu is attached to the stove. The flu comes into the back of the stove- then there is a steel plate that diverts the air to the sides of the stove. I guess this steel plate plays a part in directing the air flow with the catalytic combuster.Anyway- the point is I can not get directly to the flu to heat it up. I have tried to light paper in the stove first- but it produces too much smoke and not enough heat. What I need is something that produces a lot of heat but no smoke. For now I have been using my wife's hair dryer to warm up the air in the stove. Don't laugh- it works. Do you know of any way or any product that would heat up the air inside the stove enough to reverse the cold down draft?If the "wife's hair dryer" sound familiar that's because I asked a friend to e-mail you a question last week. I now have e-mail so I figured I would ask.Thanks


    AH ! Yes- the hair dryer....I think the #8 have a catalytic bypass damper that- when open- you can stick paper up near.If not...here's one solution:Install a stovepipe "T" in the piping and place a stovepipe cap on the side T - Then remove this cap and stuff a piece of paper in the smoke pipe...This will warm the chimney easier.Hope that helps.
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