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    Don't know if you can help me or not. If not maybe you can give me some leads. We installed a Quadrafire 5100 insert in April of 1998 and burned about 3 cord. Went to have the chimney cleaned and were told that it was installed wrong. We had 6 inch stainless steel pipe coming off of a flexible thing that was attached to the insert. We had been told that to clean it all the sweep would have to do is run his brush through the pipe, remove the top panel of the "shield" around the insert. Unscrew a panel on the chimney attachment and vacuum it out. The sweep gave me a funny look when I told him this but we removed the "shield" or molding or whatever it's called to find much soot and junk falling down. He also told me that the chimney insert should have been insulated and the pieces riveted together rather than screwed together. I'm thinking of having the whole job redone. Did I have an unsafe situation? I don't figure on suing anyone or getting any money back but I'm concerned about a dealer who is not safely installing stoves if this is truly the case.


    his is one of those time-honored debates. The stove manuals usually approve an installation like yours with a 4-5 foot stainless tube running through the damper and up toward the flue.

    Many chimney sweeps, who also want the $1000+ job, state that the pipe must be run all the way to the top of the chimney.

    As far as screws or rivets, screws are fine. We use stainless ones when possible.

    My own insert is not lined to the top.

    A lining to the top is easier to clean, as the stove and plate do not need to be removed. However, if the unit is working well (good draft, etc), and the chimney in decent shape it could be considered as an upgrade or luxury that you may not need.

    Wrapping a liner with insulation is an even better job, and makes for stronger draft and a cleaner flue. In this case, the job price could exceed $1500.00.
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