Lining 8-inch rigid liner with 6-inch flexible liner?

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Slate Dale

Dec 27, 2021
Slatington, Pennsylvania
Getting a new wood stove. I'd like to change the 8-inch rigid stainless lined (inside masonry chimney) wood stove exhaust to a 6-inch exhaust, by running 6-inch flexible liner through the 8-inch liner.

It would probably be easy it was a straight, vertical run, but the rigid liner makes a 45 degree turn at the very bottom, just before it protrudes through the poured cement basement wall. Can any 6-inch flexible liner follow a 45-degree turn in a rigid 8-inch rigid liner? Thanks for your help.
I think a smaller diameter liner will give better venting performance with this new non-cat stove, instead of the old stove's 8-inch exhaust.

But can I work the smaller liner through the 45 -degree turn? I don't want to buy any liner until I'm reasonably sure it will fit.
A mid weight liner will probably go through as long as it doesn't have a tee body on the bottom