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Dec 23, 2020
Upper Midwest
Hoping someone could help me identify this. Scored some free logs from a tree company and had some of this mixed in with Oak and Maple. I'm thinking Tamarack..

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Yes, I thought fir - but for sure a soft resinous conifer type.
Spruce may be correct.
Looking at the pine needles on the ground I'll go with pine
Bark looks like pine to me, but i'm far from an expert.
I don't even know what Tamarac looks like?
It could be Spruce. I've been cutting up quite a bit of Blue Spruce lately, and the bark has that red hue like yours. It is called Blue Spruce because the needles are greenish-blue (?), so not based on bark color. Where I live (Idaho) Spruce is given away as seedlings on Arbor day (tree day).

So, it is found all over my area although it isn't native. It is a light wood - even lighter than the pines here (Ponderosa & Lodgepole). It will make a nice combo burning wood with heavier woods like Oak or Sugar Maple.