Looking at a used 1988 Tarm 2000 series. what problems should I look for ?

machinistbcb Posted By machinistbcb, Mar 22, 2008 at 7:16 PM

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  1. machinistbcb

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    I going to look at a used 1988 Tarm 2000 series boiler. I am told that it was only used a few years, but left tied in with the oil boiler until recently. Is there any problmes or defects that I may want to look for due to the age of the boiler ? Is this a gassifier model boiler ? Thanks for any help
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    Tarm 2000 is the high efficiency model - gasifier......

    Well, let me start with this........I would certainly not pay very much for a 20 year old boiler, used or not. The reason has to do with potential corrosion of the boiler WHETHER USED OR NOT. In fact, corrosion could be even worse when it is not used depending on the conditions in the basement and the temp of the water left inside the boiler.

    OK, so if I WAS going to buy such a boiler, I would start with this....

    1. I would completely remove the doors and jacket (easy to remove and replace) and inspect the boiler exterior carefully for signs of leakage and corrosion. You probably will have to remove some plumbing to get the jacket off.

    2. I would carefully inspect the boiler interior for same - and especially the area near the bottom (around the combustion tunnel and in back). Removing the combustion bricks would be nice, but they may fall apart, and it probably costs $400 for a new set.

    3. I would isolate the boiler and use house pressure to pump the pressure up to 40-50+ PSI - of course, the PR valves and other plumbing would have to be sealed while I did this. This would have the effect of showing me any small leaks (they would get bigger).

    There is a risk involved here - that the boiler may rot out soon. You have no way of knowing exactly what type of conditions it experienced while sitting there for 20 years.
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